What are the International Foods Source of Animal Protein?

There are lots of international foods that are sources of animal protein, such as rendang, kebabs , ramen , Kentucky, meat sticks, Yakiniku , sashimi , hot dogs and many others.

In essence, animal protein is food that comes from processed animal products such as chicken meat, duck meat, beef, goat meat, milk, eggs, seafood and others. Animal protein contains amino acids that are very useful for our bodies including helping muscle development, restoring muscles, increasing the immune system, other functions:

  • repair body tissue
  • balance body fluids
  • maintain alkaline acid levels,
  • produce hormones, such as insulin and thyroid,
  • produce enzymes that function as catalysts, as well as
  • form neurotransmitters.
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Amino acids are divided into two, namely essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. Essential amino acids themselves cannot be produced in the body so there must be intake from the outside so that the function of the organs in the body goes well, while non-essential amino acids can be produced in our own bodies.

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How many amino acids are needed every day in our body? Actually, everyone is different, according to WHO, a person weighing 70 kg requires: 280 mg of tryptophan, 2,100 mg of lysine, 2,730 mg of leucine. You don’t need to think about how much you need every day, just make sure you get enough nutrition every day. For adults alone require 60 grams of amino acids in the body.

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Actually, there is no need to look for international or foreign food that contains animal protein to meet your body’s intake, there are many national foods in Indonesia that contain animal protein, including: satay , soto, tutu chicken, duck satay , satay lilit , soto Betawi , and many more. other.