12 Amazingly Delicious Japanese Foods


Asian food can also be called oriental food, where the food consists of staple foods in the form of carbohydrates with less animal protein. The hallmark of this food is the unique variety of spices or seasonings used in cooking, resulting in a strong taste. Japan is one of the countries in Asia which is … Read more

30 Thai Foods That Many Tourists Are Looking For

The land of the white elephant is the name for the country of Thailand, this country is very famous for its tourism sector. Thailand has beautiful nature and has a very diverse culinary tourism. Typical Thai food is actually almost similar to typical Indonesian food, there also uses coconut milk to complement the cuisine. Yes, … Read more

11 Halal Thai Foods That Muslims Can Try

Thailand is not a country with a majority Muslim population, so it is a little difficult to find halal food there, in contrast to Indonesia, where the majority of the population is Muslim, we can easily get halal food. Halal Thai food can also be found in halal restaurants, usually the ingredients used are not … Read more

Top 10 Most Appetizing Oriental Foods

Oriental cuisine is a typical food originating from various countries on the Asian continent, such as Indonesia, Japan , India , China , Pakistan and other countries. Oriental dishes are generally served with staple foods such as rice, corn noodles or contain more carbohydrates than animal protein and vegetables. Oriental food is cuisine originating from … Read more

5 Most Delicious European Continental Foods


Continental cuisine is the cuisine of countries that have large plains, such as France, Great Britain, America, Australia (European countries). The history of continental cuisine begins when Rome Jaya fought Europe, to celebrate a feast . People are not satisfied with simple dishes. Around the 14th century began to be known to use various types … Read more

11 Favorite Chinese Foods Because They Are Famous For Their Delicacy


China has a variety of culinary delights to enjoy, Chinese specialties are no less delicious than other countries. This typical Chinese cuisine has become an international food that we can easily find in other countries, including Indonesia. Indonesian food actually also comes from China, because many immigrants from China settled in Indonesia. Chinese food is … Read more