13 Most Famous Korean Food, Korean Drama Style

Korea is one of the countries with oriental foods. Because it is located in Asia and the taste of the cuisine is unique with a mix of many spices in it. This ginseng country has a culture that is almost similar to North Korea, these two countries have historically cultural influences from China’s bamboo curtain … Read more

How to Make Delicious Kimbap

Kimbap is a food originating from South Korea . In South Korea, kimbap is one of the most popular and most consumed foods. The form or type of kimbap food itself is rice with various fillings. Kimbab is also often found in the middle scene of Korean drama films. If you are a connoisseur of … Read more

Sannakji, How to Make Korean Extreme Food

What is sannakji? which is a food that uses live octopus ingredients. So this food is a food that is quite dangerous and challenging for consumers who have never eaten sannakji. Sannakji itself is a type of dish originating from Korea . You can find Sannakji at culinary tourism spots in Korea. In addition to … Read more

Delicious and Easy Korean Ramyeon Recipe

Of course you are already familiar with the word food called rameyeon. Because ramyeon is a Korean version of ramen that comes from the Japanese area. Rameyeon is one type of instant dish that is very popular and much liked by Koreans. When viewed in terms of taste, rameyeon dishes have a good taste quality … Read more

Easy Simple Tteokbokki Recipe At Home

Do you know the typical food from South Korea called this tteokbokki rice cake. This type of food, called tteokbokki rice cake, is very famous and loved by many people around the world. This food is usually available in shops or restaurants. The tteokbokki rice cake itself is a cake made from rice and served … Read more

Jajangmyeon Korean Black Sauce Noodles

For those of you who don’t know and have never heard of Jajangmyeon food, of course it will sound foreign to your ears and you are also curious about this food. Jajangmyeon food is a food that we often encounter in Korean cuisine. Jajangmyeon food often appears in every Korean drama film as a food … Read more

Delicious Korean Japchae, easy to make

Have you ever heard of jhapchae? Of course this name is familiar to our ears. This jhapchae dish is a delicious and delicious dish made from vegetables and meat. At first glance, this jhapchae looks like vermicelli that we often encounter and eat. But the taste of jhapchae is not inferior when compared to vermicelli. … Read more

Haejangguk, A Delicious Korean Soup Recipe

What do you know about haejangguk? Haejangguk is a type of dish that is eaten to wake up drunkenness. Haejangguk is also a popular dish and is served in the evening. So for those of you who are drunk, you can try eating haejangguk food to get rid of the hangover feeling in your body. … Read more

Let’s Try! Delicious Korean Bulgogi

What do you know about bulgogi cuisine…for the menu of dishes that you must read and try because bulgogi cuisine is a Korean-style dish made from meat. How to make this dish is also a dish that can be made quite easy and practical. Bulgogi is also a dish similar to the Japanese menu called … Read more