13 Most Famous Korean Food, Korean Drama Style

Korea is one of the countries with oriental foods. Because it is located in Asia and the taste of the cuisine is unique with a mix of many spices in it. This ginseng country has a culture that is almost similar to North Korea, these two countries have historically cultural influences from China’s bamboo curtain … Read more

12 Amazingly Delicious Japanese Foods


Asian food can also be called oriental food, where the food consists of staple foods in the form of carbohydrates with less animal protein. The hallmark of this food is the unique variety of spices or seasonings used in cooking, resulting in a strong taste. Japan is one of the countries in Asia which is … Read more

30 Thai Foods That Many Tourists Are Looking For

The land of the white elephant is the name for the country of Thailand, this country is very famous for its tourism sector. Thailand has beautiful nature and has a very diverse culinary tourism. Typical Thai food is actually almost similar to typical Indonesian food, there also uses coconut milk to complement the cuisine. Yes, … Read more