4 List of Foods Believed to Increase Height

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The height of each individual is influenced by several factors, one of the biggest factors is genetic heredity. In addition to genetics, food and drink intake is also very influential on height. This list of foods can also keep bones stronger. Because it contains many nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals. Here are 4 … Read more

What are the International Foods Source of Animal Protein?

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There are lots of international foods that are sources of animal protein, such as rendang, kebabs , ramen , Kentucky, meat sticks, Yakiniku , sashimi , hot dogs and many others. In essence, animal protein is food that comes from processed animal products such as chicken meat, duck meat, beef, goat meat, milk, eggs, seafood … Read more

5 Weirdest Foods in the World Dare to Eat?

What do you think about food, its attractive and appetizing shape, delicious taste and make you addicted?. It’s not wrong if you think like that. But what about the unique and strange foods that exist in the world, such as the following: 1. Balut This one food is very famous in the Philippines. Balut is … Read more

Top 10 Most Appetizing Oriental Foods

Oriental cuisine is a typical food originating from various countries on the Asian continent, such as Indonesia, Japan , India , China , Pakistan and other countries. Oriental dishes are generally served with staple foods such as rice, corn noodles or contain more carbohydrates than animal protein and vegetables. Oriental food is cuisine originating from … Read more

5 Most Delicious European Continental Foods


Continental cuisine is the cuisine of countries that have large plains, such as France, Great Britain, America, Australia (European countries). The history of continental cuisine begins when Rome Jaya fought Europe, to celebrate a feast . People are not satisfied with simple dishes. Around the 14th century began to be known to use various types … Read more