5 Weirdest Foods in the World Dare to Eat?

What do you think about food, its attractive and appetizing shape, delicious taste and make you addicted?. It’s not wrong if you think like that. But what about the unique and strange foods that exist in the world, such as the following:

1. Balut

This one food is very famous in the Philippines. Balut is a half-boiled duck egg. But what distinguishes balut from half-cooked duck eggs is that eels are almost perfect duck embryos. 

Have no idea what it looks like? Just looking at it can make your stomach feel nauseous and don’t have the heart to eat it. No wonder many tourists are curious about the flavors offered from this balut. 

But there are also those who buy it just out of curiosity without wanting to eat it. This happens because the food is so unusual and feels disgusted. After knowing what balut is, do you still dare to eat it?

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2. Tuna eyes

Tuna is a type of marine fish that is much hunted and there is even one type of tuna which has a very high selling price. In Japan, it is famous for foods with raw meat such as sushi where one of the ingredients to make sushi is tuna meat. 

Not only is the meat used in Japan, tuna eyes are also sold and even eaten raw. The large eyes of tuna will make people who see it feel horrified and disgusted to be eaten.  

3. March case

Italy is known for its delicious and tasty cheese. One of the most famous cheese foods is casu marzu or rotten cheese which is a traditional food. This cheese is made from sheep’s milk which is dried in the sun so that piophila flies lay eggs on it and become insect larvae or live maggots contained in it. 

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This cheese has a sharp smell and taste and is usually eaten while the maggots in the cheese are still alive. This food was banned because it can be harmful to health. How do you still want to try it or have you even tried it? 

4. Fried tarantula

This tarantula is a kind of spider that has a large body size and has hair on its body. Just looking at the animal can make goosebumps goosebumps, especially if you eat the animal. But in Kamaboja tarantulas are used as food and even as traditional medicine as well. 

The tarantula that will be cooked is cleaned first until the hairs attached to its body are gone, then it is given seasoning and then fried in hot oil.  

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5. Hanggis

This Scottish food is made from lamb offal such as liver, lung and heart which is finely chopped and seasoned with garlic, salt, oats and typical spices. After the lamb offal and seasonings are mixed well, then it is inserted or wrapped into the lamb’s stomach and boiled until cooked. Hanggis has a savory taste and has been found in many places to eat in Scotland. Just imagining it can arouse your appetite.

Well, that’s the strangest, unique and extreme food in the world. If you are interested in eating it, you can include it in the list of foods that you will try when visiting the country.