13 Most Famous Korean Food, Korean Drama Style

Korea is one of the countries with oriental foods. Because it is located in Asia and the taste of the cuisine is unique with a mix of many spices in it. This ginseng country has a culture that is almost similar to North Korea, these two countries have historically cultural influences from China’s bamboo curtain country. But Korea can make it more unique and diverse.

This country with the capital city of soul is very famous for its drama and kpop, many fans from all over the world including Indonesia are interested in it. Not infrequently also in drama and kpop they always insert their culture so that it makes it more known to the world. Here below are 13 examples of Korean specialties that you can make at home.

1. Bibimbap, Typical Korean Drama

Bibimbap is one of the most popular Korean-style dishes. If you are curious about this dish, you can try to make it in your own home. 

One of the ways used to serve the menu of the devotees themselves is by placing it in a hot bowl and making it from heated stone or commonly known as Dolsot.

It is stated that there are usually 7 types of vegetables in the bibimbab which are then mixed with meat and eggs or tofu. This food should be eaten immediately warm so that it tastes more delicious.

Resep Bimbimbap Korea Teristimewa
Bimbimbap merupakan masakan dengan bahan nasi remas Korea atau nasi yang sudah dicampur dengan lauk sebelum disantap jadi satu. Untuk bibimbap mempunyai variasi yang berbeda tergantung berdasarkan dari daerahnya di Korea.

2. Kimchi, always in Korean dishes

Kimchi food is useful for keeping our bodies healthy and of course halal. For those of you who want to save money but also want to keep your body healthy, you can also try making this kimchi dish at home. Because this kimchi dish, the ingredients used are very simple and easy to reach. So you no longer need to reach so many bags. Just buy the ingredients. But in making kimchi dish is not easy.

One of these Korean foods is fermented vegetables with special spices so that it produces a spicy and sour taste. For Korean people, the taste is less than perfect if you eat no kimchi. Because it is a fermented food, so of course this food is very durable.

The Best Kimchi Recipe You Must Try
We have to be extra patient and careful if we want to make kimchi dishes with satisfying results. Because in making kimchi dishes themselves also require a fairly long time to a matter of days. Because this type of food is food that must go through the fermentation process first.
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3. Kimbap, similar to sushi

Many of the city’s main restaurants are in Indonesia that sell and serve halal kimbap or Korean-style food. So you will have no trouble if you want to buy Kimbap in Indonesia. And if you want to save some life, you can also try and make your own at home. You don’t need to be confused and worried about the ingredients that should be used in making kimbap. Because here I myself will tell you about the materials and steps that must be used in making kimbap. For the materials used alone, it’s pretty easy to get them, you know!

The Most Special Kimbap Recipe
Kimbap is a typical food from South Korea in the form of rice with various toppings rolled with dried seaweed. Usually this food is used as lunch because it is practical and has complete nutritional value. In Korea, there are several types of kimbap that are sold as typical street food, namely original kimbap, triangular kimbap, and mini kimbap. You can find kimbap in various places, from street food vendors, Korean restaurants, to mini markets.
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4. Sannakji, the basic ingredient of live octopus

So for those of you who want to try consuming this dish, you have to be careful when chewing it. This dish should not be carelessly eaten and chewed. Because the active octopus tentacles can get stuck in the throat which can cause death.

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For this type of Korean food this one is not for everyone to eat. There are even some Koreans who claim not to eat it either. Sannakji is a food derived from live octopus eaten with oil or sesame seeds.

Extreme and Delicious Sannakji Recipe
Now for those of you who are curious about how to make sannakji dishes, what are the ingredients used to make sannakji dishes, you can immediately refer to the article that has been written below.
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5. Ramyeon, the Korean version of ramen

This dish has a variety of tastes. That is, both spicy and not spicy. This ramen is very suitable to be served with toppings on it. In fact, almost every food stall in Korea always serves rameyeon complete with various kinds of toppings. If you make it at home, you can add a little chili to make it spicy

Ramyeon is actually instant noodles from Korea but Korean instant noodles are different from the ones in Indonesia. Ramyeon tends to have a thicker texture and spices when mixed with boiling water will taste thicker.

The Best Ramyeon Recipe
The way to make this rameyeon is very simple. The materials used are not too difficult or easy to reach. It doesn't take long, let's just look at the recipe and how to make authentic Korean rameyeon, which is explained below.
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6. Tteokbokki

If you are curious about making tteokbokki, you can pay attention to the explanation that will be explained in the article below. Actually the way to make tteokbokki is quite easy and not too difficult. The materials needed are easily accessible. There is only one ingredient whose price can drain our pockets. What is that material? That is gochujang sauce. We can only get this gochujang sauce in supermarkets that provide imported ingredients.

This typical Korean snack also has a variety of flavors and the usual variants served in certain holiday celebrations. This South Korean food is in the form of a rod or cylinder and is cooked together with gochujang and sugar. Meanwhile, based on how to make ttok, it consists of steamed ttok, mashed, boiled, and also stir-fried.

The Best Tteokbokki Recipe
Let you understand more about tteokbokki. Let's not linger any longer on how to make delicious tteokbokki that many people really like.
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7. Jajangmyeon

For those of you who don’t know and have never heard of Jajangmyeon food, of course it will sound foreign to your ears and you are also curious about this food. Jajangmyeon food is a food that we often encounter in Korean cuisine. Jajangmyeon food often appears in every Korean drama film as a food that is always consumed by Korean drama players and Korean people.

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Literally jjajang means fried sauce while myeon means noodles. The texture of the noodles is thick and made from wheat flour. While the thick sauce used is made from black soybeans or chunjang with various other ingredients. Such as chopped onions, zucchini and red meat or seafood.

The Most Delicious Jajangmyeon Recipe
Now for those of you who are curious who want to try to taste Korean food without having to spend a lot of money, you can try making Jajangmyeon food at your own home. If you are confused and don't know about the recipe and how to make it, you can read and follow the explanation below.
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8. Japchae

Japchae is one of the menus that has good value to meet the nutritional intake in our body. Many people like jhapchae dishes. Because the taste of the Jhapchae menu is able to make consumers’ tongues eat and enjoy Jhapchae cuisine. The ingredients used to make jhapchae are not that difficult. Because the ingredients used in Jhapchae dishes are easy to reach.

This food belongs to the category of Banchan or side dish in Korean culinary traditions. Each dish has ingredients such as beef and vegetables cut into small lengths and added with various special spices.

The Most Delicious Japchae Recipe
How are you curious to try to make and enjoy the taste of the jabchae menu. see the explanation below on how to make jhapchae along with the ingredients used to make jhapchae menus.
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9. Haejangguk

Haejangguk is a dish made of leg bones, sanding branches and intestines of beef that has been braised and mixed with soy paste and beef clots. Haejangguk is also one of the menus from Korea. Koreans make Haejangguk menu as a mainstay menu to treat hangovers. Haejangguk is usually served and eaten with rice. According to Choi Joon’s Analysis – YHOUNG’s menu made by Haejangguk are ingredients that can cleanse the body or restore our body to normal again when we are drunk.

Previously, the use of this dish was quite unique. This is because Haejangguk is usually eaten to wake up from a hangover. Now, Haejangguk is famous for its favorite dish at night. How to cook Haejangguk is relatively different in each region.

The Most Popular Haejangguk Recipe
So are you curious about this one food? Do you want to try making haejangguk cuisine? What materials are used to make haejangguk? For those of you who are curious and want to make haejangguk cuisine, check out the reviews and explanations of the article below.
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10. Bulgogi

Bulgogi is also a dish that resembles the Japanese menu of yakiniku. How to make or process it is almost the same. It’s just that there is a difference between the two plates. The difference can be seen from the use of spices used. The spices used in cooking the bulgogi dish are sweeter than the dishes used in my convicts. For another difference, the water used for cooking is also more because the pan used uses a flat pan.

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In making the meat used, including the best sirloin meat or the best part of beef. While the spices used in it are a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and other typical herbs.

These distinctive spices will depend a lot on the recipe from the region of origin in Korea. Also, before eating, the bulgogi will be wrapped in kimchi, garlic, and other flavors using lettuce.

Delicious Famous Bulgogi Recipe
Well, it doesn't take long, come on for those of you who want to try and make bulgogi dishes at home, you can see how to make bulgogi dishes below. And you can see what is used to make this bulgogi dish.
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11. Cheonggukjang

These foods are very healthy for this body because of the ingredients in these foods. There is a bacterium Bacillus subtlis that can break down soybean protein into amino acids and saponins. This content is believed to reduce cholesterol levels and improve liver function. Can also be selected for diet food and slow aging.

12. Jjamppong

Next is Jjamppong which is a favorite of seafood lovers. How could that be? Jjamppong which includes an MI plate will be served with various seafood preparations such as prawns, squid, scallops and octopus. We don’t have to worry about cholesterol levels, because there are vegetables provided at Jjamppong. Because it contains quite a lot, Jjamppong is suitable for us for those of us who need motorized dining without gaining weight.

13. Miyeok woof

Miyeok is seaweed soup with chicken stock or other meat stock. This easy-to-make Korean dish uses special spices that create inspiration. Behind his simple appearance, Miyeok gives not just soup, you know. The Korean community is reducing to make it for people who have birthdays so they have a long life. Sometimes Miyeok Guk is given to patients in the hospital.

Those are some typical Korean snacks that you can make at home, and of course you can create your own with halal ingredients. And of course with the addition of chili to have a spicy taste like typical Indonesian food in general.